Step 1: Submit the SSI Nexus Account Request Form

Go here to apply for an SSI Nexus account.

Please note the following:

  • If you represent a company with valid SSI Subscription, please enter your company email on this form as this will ensure that you have subscriber level access.
  • This account will be how SSI and the SSI Nexus Community will identify you.

Step 2: Get your Office 365 or Personal Microsoft Account Ready

The SSI Nexus account that you have created in step 1 will be used to identify you on SSI Nexus. You will also require a Microsoft account to login to SSI Nexus.

  • If your company subscribes to Office 365, you can use this.1
  • If you do not have an Office 365 account, you can use a different Microsoft account from any Microsoft-based service, such as, OneDrive, Skype, Bing, MSN or Xbox Live. You can also set-up a new Microsoft account by visiting

Step 3: Accept Invitation and Login to SSI Nexus

Once again, the SSI Nexus Account that you created in step 1 will be used to identify you on Nexus. You will now need to link the SSI Nexus account to the Microsoft account you identified in step 2.

You will receive two emails in follow-up to your SSI Nexus Sign-up:

  1. The first from
  2. The second from Microsoft Online Services.

Use the Go To Nexus link in the email from Microsoft Online Services to sign in with your Microsoft account.

Once you have completed this step you will be ready to access SSI Nexus

Troubleshooting Nexus Access Issues

1.While we encourage you to use your company email for your SSI Nexus account, if your account is a Microsoft 365 account and your company manages the authentication for this account through an Active Directory / Federated Server (i.e. not through Microsoft themselves, but by linking up with their LAN/Domain authentication system), then we have had cases where this is not compatible with the authentication on SSI Nexus.