SSI at ICCAS 2019: September 24 - 26, 2019


We look forward to joining you at ICCAS this year in Rotterdam. It's always one of our favourite events to attend, combining leaders in global shipbuilding technology from over 25 countries.

As shipbuilding continues to move towards the new digital world, almost every organization is executing a digital transformation. How can advanced digital twin technologies come together for the benefit of an entire organization, and what is the path forward? Make sure to look out for an SSI paper and presentation on the subject at ICCAS 2019. Both the paper and presentation will be available publicly closer to the event.

Shipbuilding’s digital transformation will not look like any other industries’. The pains we experience require technological solutions that have that in mind.

So, what are you struggling with? (Click to download E-book)

The latest transformations coming to shipbuilding
Change management
A lack of shipbuilding specific solutions
Managing fleet costs