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Shipbuilding Projects are at a Massive Scale


Shipbuilding projects take place on a massive scale. Every project results in huge amounts of information being generated during the design, construction, and operation of a ship. The better you can manage all that information, the more informed you will be about your projects and your organization.

See how industry leaders have tackled some of shipbuilding’s largest scale problems. 

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Shipbuilding is a Global Industry


Shipbuilding is a global industry, there’s no getting around that. So how do you manage having design, engineering, or construction occur in different parts of the world?

Learn how industry leaders manage this reality throughout their organization.

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Shipyards are Focused on Today


Organizations are increasingly becoming more focused on today, and nowhere is that more true than shipbuilding. The realities of financing, the time scales involved, and the nature of the industry force shipbuilders to consider how future changes will affect their business today.

Despite that, how do you successfully implement new technologies or processes? See how industry leaders overcame the same challenges, without disrupting their business today.

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Ships have a Lifecycle Measured in Decades


Ships have a lifecycle measured in decades. That means a ship may look significantly different at the end of its life, compared to when it was built – thanks to ongoing maintenance, repair, and refit. Ensuring that you have a clear picture of your vessel throughout its life means less downtime and impact on your bottom line.

What strategies are there for those who don’t have a clear picture of their vessel? Or those who only have information in legacy formats? See how industry leaders address those questions.

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Shipbuilding has Many Characteristics that are Unique to our Industry


Shipbuilding is like no other industry. Ships are designed, engineered, and built all at the same time. This means that pre-existing engineering work and already built sections need to be considered when the resulting changes that need to be made are handed down. This challenge is compounded when we start considering multiple ships within the same class.

Watch and listen to how leaders in our industry tackled the unique aspects of our industry.

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